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Social Media Support and Training

Launched in 2003, 2004 and 2006, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are, less than 20 years old. No time at all in the scheme of anything. Yet, in that short time-span, these social media platforms have revolutionised the way we communicate, advertise and market ourselves. As individuals and as businesses.

We inhabit a world driven by computing technology, the Internet and the world-wide web. Love it or loathe it, as a business it matters that you have an effective content marketing strategy. One that is consistent, and harnesses the power of social media to keep you visible and raise your brand awareness.

Not so long ago your clients used Google Search to find businesses like yours.
No more. Social media is now their search engine as well as their means of communication.

Social Media

Social Media is not a sprint, it is a marathon. Consistent, engaging social media content keeps you visible and raises brand awareness.

Consistency is what businesses struggle with the most and that’s where Visually Explained is your social media superhero.

Training & Consultancy

For businesses of all sizes, we create social media processes that work for the stage of business that you’re at and for the platforms most relevant to you. This might be in-house training or us taking on your social media activity on your behalf.

Graphics Design

In addition to social media training and outsource support, the service we offer includes creating branded images for your social media platforms. Such images keep your message consistent with your branding and reduce time and cost as the need is removed for sourcing images from a 3rd party graphic designer.

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