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Back in June of 2017, we published a blog on the topic of social media trends for 2017, what was hot and what was not.

Three of the things we looked at were:

  1. The use of social media as a rival to search engines for discovery and research.
  1. The growth of social platforms for Ecommerce
  1. The effect of video on social advertising.


If you’ve had any experience with any of these – whether in your business or your personal use it would be great to hear how you got on. Drop us a line here: or visit our contact page to find links to our social media presences.

New Year – New Trends

So that was some of what was happening in 2017. But a new year is hiding around the corner and nothing in the social media word, as I pointed out in my blog about being a social media practitioner rather than expert, stands still. Hence the approach of a new year means it’s time to look at what social media trends we should be preparing for in 2018.

If you thought Facebook luring Snapchat users to Instagram, POTUS telling the world official policy positions on Twitter, and Apple’s announcement it has plans to change the way we interact with our mobile devices was disruptive enough, you ‘ain’t seen nothing yet.

Entrepreneur.Com has written a detailed article about 10 social media trends to prepare for in 2018. But if you want a small, yet tasty morsel of what’s to come, Digital Doughnut have prepared their top three heavy impact social media trends to follow. Here’s a brief summary:

  1. Ephemeral content will rule

We’re familiar with the received wisdom that ‘content is king.’ Well, in 2018 and beyond you’re going to hear much more about ephemeral content. It’s the pretender to the content throne.

Snapchat stories and live streaming videos typify ephemeral content. This type of content lasts no longer than 24 hours before it disappears as if by magic. And, thanks to Snapchat it’s on the rise.

  1. Influencer marketing

Social media influencers will maintain their popularity. At least that’s the view of Vanessa Kerutt, a brand manager in the Tampa Social Media Management company.

She’s got a point. In 2017, influencer marketing was very popular. A study from Twitter and analytics firm Annalect, found that 40 percent of people made online purchases after seeing a product promoted by an influencer.

In 2018 then this trend is one that’s likely to continue. 

  1. Augmented Reality

Yes, we know, augmented reality isn’t exactly new. But it did get a recent big boost from social media – notably Snapchat’s AR selfie filters. Launched in 2016, they became so popular that Instagram introduced their own version. It’s likely that other competitors will get on the AR merry-go-round soon with 2018 seeing major expansion of the concept.

According to Ad Week, ‘Snapchat and Instagram will soon support filters that allow users to take selfies with a friend or celebrity that’s projected via augmented reality.’

Dramatic changes to the social media landscape

In 2018 then you can expect seismic shifts in the social media landscape. If you want your brand to capitalize on these changes in your own digital marketing campaign you’ll need to act fast. Remember though you don’t need to incorporate them all. The main thing is to combine one or two with your current marketing strategy.

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