About Us

Visually Explained: for a realistic and relevant business social media perspective

I’m Yola O’Hara and I am the founder of Visually Explained. Our offer to you is twofold – a relevant and realistic perspective on your business social media.

I worked in demanding corporate roles for many years before embracing the demands of full-time motherhood. A role as demanding as any I encountered in the corporate world. The skills I acquired in both of those life roles have well-equipped me for running my own business – Visually Explained.

Based in Wiltshire, our location is an ideal one for supporting enterprises across the region and beyond as in today’s Internet-based world the physical location isn’t the most important factor.

Social media for business: be relevant, be present

Whatever size your business is, you can’t ignore social media. We will help you create social

media processes for the most relevant social media platforms for your stage of business. Our clients include:

Start-up businesses

Start-ups tend to be big on ideas, energy and time. They tend to be in a position to set up and maintain their own social media marketing. But understand the importance of getting it right, right from the start. If this is you, then we can give you 1-2-1 training sessions in social media marketing. With what we teach you, you will go forth with confidence to manage your own social media. Following the right processes will save you from frustration and wasted time.

Small to medium businesses

By the time a business has moved on from the start-up phase they often become immersed in its day-to-day demands. At this point they realise they can no longer keep their arms around everything and struggle to meet the time demands that maintaining their social media presence imposes.

Outsourcing your social media management to us will leave you free to concentrate on things you are best at.

The first step is a social media audit and spring clean to avoid confusing clients and losing potential sales. Read this case study to see how much that can matter.

Longer-established businesses (Employee Advocacy)

If you are a business with several members of staff, we can train your internal staff to recognise the power and effectiveness of cohesive social media management. With these tools in their social media armoury they will be better able to increase your reach and your ability to edge closer to potential clients.

Get in touch with us today to find out more about the value we will add to your company.