Visually Explained: Social Media & Graphic Design that Businesses Love

Visually Explained is an infographics and graphic design agency. We’re based in Swindon and provide our services to businesses across Wiltshire, Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire.

Our service is founded on years of experience in data analysis and presentation of the outcomes in an accessible format. In other words: visual expressions of words and data. This can take the form of graphs, maps and infographics.

Business owners across the region are benefitting from our techniques and concepts.

 What is an infographic?

The Oxford English Dictionary defines an infographic as ‘a visual representation of information or data’.  Put another way: fewer words and more images, symbols and graphs.

It’s a simple way to convey to the reader the meaning behind the text in an easy-to-digest format that gets to the nub of the matter.

 What we do:

We take your data or text and analyse it and turn it into an infographic representation.

What’s the benefit of this to your business?

Using infographics on your reports, your blog posts and your social media platforms has many benefits for your business:

  1.  Different people receive and assimilate information in different ways. Translating at least some of your data into infographics has a two-fold benefit:
    • Should some of your client-base be visual learners, infographics will appeal to them.
    • For the readers in your audience, they’re a useful memory aid
  2.  People are busy. They have less and less time to digest long tracts of text. But an infographic tells your audience what you want them to know – and fast.
  3. They’re eye-catching and easy to share on social media. There’s a greater chance of tempting people to dig deeper.
  4. They side-step the issue of an exciting idea or new information getting lost in the delivery method. But an infographic swiftly conveys the magic and the buzz.
  5. Depending on the format and the media infographics can be multi-purpose and long-lived.

A busy business owner needs someone who will take their data, analyse it and provide results they can use. We can give them information on customer segmentation, age, gender and other demographics in infographic form.

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