As part of my profession as Commercial Illustrator, I cannot help but notice all the visual elements in blogs and newsletters. Mostly they are text heavy or they include photos that can be purchased through various websites i.e iStock. How about something different?

How about taking a paragraph or 2 from your text and creating a visual image that illustrates it. The positive effect are:

  1. Your text becomes more inviting
  2. Your idea is explained in 2 ways and can be understood by wider audience
  3. Your reader doesn’t get tired of the sea of letter in front him or her
  4. Your audience stays tuned for the next issue

What’s better way of explaining what I mean but showing some visual examples:

Example 1

‘’More recently, Australia Post has started a trial whereby small, local producers can sell products online via a website branded with their local post office. These locally branded websites use the Farmhouse Direct platform. Both Australia Post and the local post office owner make a commission on online sales.’’

australia post farmhouse delivery

Example 2

‘’Needless to say, all eyes will be on this week’s Singles Day activities. Not only will sales be monitored but once again, logistics will be in the spotlight. In fact, Alibaba released a press release espousing the readiness of its logistics subsidiary, Cainiao:


Example 3

‘’Indeed, the most prominent such market is that of China. Despite weakness in its economy, China ranked number one on AT Kearney’s 2015 Global Retail Development Index. Its retail grew at almost 12.0% in 2014 and is projected to exceed $8 trillion, double the size of the US market, by 2022. For 2015, retail sales will probably be less than 2014’s 12.0% but still in double digits.’’

China blog

Example 4

‘’According to the Wall Street Journal, US West Coast ports accounted for over half of imports by value in September for the first time since last year.

In terms of TEUs, it’s still a story of empty containers which does not bode well for the economy.’’

north am map

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Images created by Yola O’Hara, Visually Explained Ltd



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