2019 Social Media Trends

We’ve trawled the World Wide Web so you don’t have to, to bring you an overview of the 2019 social media landscape. Because you can guarantee there’ll have been some tremors if not an outright earthquake.

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Visually Explained is Four!

It’s been four exciting years so far and now Visually Explained is stepping into a fresh future.

In August 2018, we moved our HQ to the Bowman House serviced office centre in Wootton Bassett, thus beginning a new chapter. We recently hosted a 4th birthday party and new website launch in our new home, inviting the other businesses from our shared office space. The turn-out was great and the birthday cake enjoyed.

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Hacked Off: What you should know about social media hacking

As this article from How Stuff Works points out, hacking, where social media networks are concerned, is not the same animal as the common definition of hacking. That refers to using malicious code or backdoors in computer networks. Once in, these hackers set about damaging entire systems or stealing proprietary information. This kind of hacking requires a great deal of technical skill, coding know-how and super-fast keyboarding ability. Well if films are anything to go by anyway.

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