Visually Explained has its HQ in the brilliant Bowman House business centre in Royal Wootton Bassett. So we figured it wise to make use of the facilities there and offer training as a regular Bowman calendar feature on the last Thursday of the month.

We’ve already done one training session in October 2019, which was a great success.

We offer three two-hour modules. The sessions cover Instagram, LinkedIn, and advanced social media. You can book them together or as individual sessions. If you’d like to attend all three but you only have time to do one at once, simply book the next one you want to do the following month.

Completion of all thee modules will turn you from competent to social media Ninja.

Our MD, Yola O’Hara, will lead you through all the sessions, sharing her knowledge and first-hand experience.

These are boutique-type training sessions. We need only three people to make each session viable. The maximum number of participants is five – we’ve set the number low to allow time for looking at specific issues and answering questions during the session.

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Since launching in 2003, LinkedIn has changed beyond all recognition. Myths and misconceptions abound around this most useful business networking platform. What isn’t a myth though is that not enough of its users are using it to their best advantage. If you know that’s you, this initiative is heaven-sent. Don’t be shy! Move on and evolve with LinkedIn.

So, if you feel a need to refresh your LinkedIn knowledge, or you have a need to capitalize on it for your business or new career, book your place now. We’ve created this new LinkedIn for Business training session with your needs in mind.


The perception of Instagram is one of it being an image and video platform only – thus many businesses have shied away from it. But shy away from it no more.

In this two-hour session, we’ll explain why you should now embrace Instagram and show you how it can work for any brand and business. We’ll talk you through setting up your own account, creating content and how to interact with your audience and where to find analytics.

As with the LinkedIn module, you’ll need your mobile phone or tablet device, and have Instagram installed on it in readiness.

Advanced Social Media

Trust me – it’s not as scary as it may sound. The point of this session is to get familiar with social media platforms and add to it an extra layer of understanding about where to find content, how to prepare it, how to create a content diary and use automation. In other words, you’ll learn about the social media process.

The goal is to learn how to run social media for your business. Yet know when is enough and when to stop and that what you’re doing is the right thing instead of trying to second guess. Dump your social media anger and frustration!

Are you ready to make the transition from adequate to adept? If you’re ready to create a content master plan, generate business opportunities from your social media presence and build a brand with trustful customer relationships – read on. Below is a sneak peek of what you can expect from this module.

What you can expect:

  • Content creation tips: where to find content ideas and ways to organise your content better
  • Hashtag research: know your hashtag!
  • Content diary
  • Make a monthly social media plan, so you spend no more than three hours per week on your business social media
  • Automation using Hootsuite as an example. What it is and why you need it in your life!
  • Analytics: where to find them and how to look at them

So, learn to harness the power of social media, build your brand and reach out to new customers – if that’s what you need then grab a ticket and we’ll see you soon! Become a social media tornado.