Magnifying glass over daisy to demonstrate how social media can enhance your business

At the start of a new year, tradition dictates that we make resolutions, make new starts or give aspects of our lives an audit. Our dietary habits, our drinking habits and our exercise habits – or lack of them – all come under the microscope. And then, for small business owners, there’s often
targets to review and goals to set. Yet more auditing! Exhausting isn’t it? Though we’re not quite at the start of a new year now it’s far from too late to think about a social media audit.

The struggle that clients face

At risk of sounding clichéd, there’s no ignoring or avoiding social media if you’re in business.

Social media has been around for less than twenty years. In that time, it has made itself an integral part of every business marketing strategy. Thus, at risk of sounding clichéd, there’s no ignoring or avoiding it if you’re in business.

For some time now businesses have been ‘giving it a go’ and then experiencing frustrations. Why?
Because, when it comes to social media it’s difficult to know what is enough, where to start and when to stop. Unless you’re doing nothing else but social, it can soon become a source of negative
emotions such as hate and anger.

If this is the case, or it all gets too much, it’s time to take stock and do the audit – it’s the new broom your business needs.

Should you feel your social media output isn’t up to scratch in some way then our social media audit is the new broom your business needs.

The Purpose

The purpose of the audit is to examine your existing social media and use what we find to form a social media guide designed to meet your needs and answer your concerns. Armed with this, you’ll neither continue to waste time and resources trying to improve things that don’t need it nor neglect those things that do.

To Demonstrate:

Here’s an overview of three recent social media audit clients and the problems they faced. NB: Although anonymous these are actual clients.

Client A: asked for the audit as they felt dissatisfied with the work their current outsource supplier was doing. They wanted to get a full picture of their social media strategy.

Client B: Had little social media activity going on at all. They wanted recommendations to assess how much work needed doing and on what.

Client C: They were doing their social media in-house but needed a bird’s eye view of it to know whether to carry on as they were or to change direction.

What Visually Explained Did

We shone our torch into every crevasse of their social media set-up. From this examination we showed them both what needed improving and what didn’t.

Taking our findings, we drew up personal recommendations for each client that were

  • Realistic
  • Transparent
  • Objective

Based on our findings these clients could then make clear decisions on – dependent on their individual circumstances:

  1. Decide on whether do it themselves, keeping the tasks and time as close to the recommendations as possible
  2. Plan their future marketing budget
  3. Decide on whether to bring in an in-house dedicated social media person
  4. Decide on whether to outsource to an external partner


As a direct result of taking advantage of our audit service, these clients realized the importance of
allocating part of their annual marketing budget to social media support. But more than that, they realized too, the level of work involved and value of outsourcing their social media activity to someone who can give it the dedicated attention it needs.

If you’re in the dark about any aspect of your social media activity get in touch now and let us illuminate you.