case study help button key boardTHE STRUGGLE THE CLIENT FACED

The client in this case study established their business in the days before social media became the integral part of running a business that it is now.

Because this client wasn’t ‘born into’ the social media world they fell into the position of knowing they needed it but not knowing either:

  • The correct way to go about it
  • How to be effective at it.

The result? They created a social media presence yes, but in an unplanned and haphazard way.


The management of this company in question charged a staff member with the task of setting up LinkedIn profiles and profiles on other social media platforms. The problem being that they set up personal profiles not business profiles which is actually a breach of the T&Cs of said platforms.

Then that member left taking with them the admin details. So, the client set the up the profiles all over again. Didn’t use it for a while, forgot the admin details and started again. Multiple pages had grown like mushrooms after rain.

You will get the picture now of the tangled social media web they had woven through their lack of know-how. They couldn’t provide the credentials that would allow them to merge or close and deactivate some of these surplus pages.

Having neither the time nor the expertise needed to sort out this problem they turned to Visually Explained.

What Visually Explained Did to Resolve the Situation

To untangle this situation, Visually Explained took on the task of liaising with LinkedIn on behalf of the client. We had to work with LinkedIn support to merge three personal profiles into one and to recover full access to the client’s personal and business pages. We now going through the same process for Twitter.

Looking ahead

The client now has, for each of his social media accounts:

  • One business account
  • One personal account 

With the messy knitting unravelled my client is now ready to step forward with their business and start building a social media profile.

If social media for business was ever spontaneous, it isn’t now. It’s a mechanism that requires a strategy.  And that’s where Visually Explained can help.

The Moral of the Story

It’s against Facebook’s T&Cs to set up a business page as a person. If you rely on a business profile set up this way you will encounter problems should FB decide to take that profile down. And they’d be in their rights to do that as you’re breaching their conditions. Far better then to set up a business page the right way in the first instance.

Misleading information

If you operate lots of pages for the one business, you risk misleading your audience. Worse still, you might lose a potential client to the frustration of trying to find the correct page. It’s too difficult, they’ll move on.

Many businesses are in a similar social media mire as the client in this case study. That’s because they’ve lost or forgotten their credentials and end up in a similar multiple page situation.

It is possible to sort all this out but it takes time. Social media providers are difficult to get hold of. There’s no easy way, or even no way at all, to get hold of someone or even have a live web chat. It’s not easy to find an email address. If you do there’s no guarantee you can exchange messages with a person. It takes guile and a bucket load of patience to work through the process.

If any of the above sound familiar to you, we should talk. Multiple accounts can do your business more harm than you think. Contact us and we’ll start unravelling.