Oh, dear! I know, it is this time of the year again.

And what happens just before Christmas holiday begins? We write and receive greeting cards! I don’t know what other people’s experience is but I have noticed that people tend to forget their family and only send their card after they receive mine. That kind of put me off writing and sending mass greetings. This is also quite environmentally friendly because I generate less paper rubbish.

But it is still nice to get some nice wishes, isn’t it? Even in the 21st century skeptical, cynical and disillusioned society that I think we have become. So, going with the progress of our civilisation paperless wishes are more welcome aren’t they?

Ah! Now, what form of ‘paperless’ is best? With the development of email and text messaging I think everyone has at least once been exposed to electronic greeting cards. Personally, I always loathe them both in email and text form. Oh, and especially those with a little poem of good wishes attached in the form of tacky rhymes.

All this whinging is leading me to the solution!

But, before I get to it, let me tell you about the Twitter poll I sent recently to find out: ‘What do you think about receiving seasonal greetings by e-mail?’

19 lovely people voted and the results show that only 11% really like them. The remaining 89% either don’t mind them, or despise them/never open and delete (the latter is what do, btw). So what’s the point in making an effort, creating a card, attaching it into the email – if the chances are nobody will read it? Not to mention that in the era of spam e-mails and nasty malware sent as attachments, we need to be very suspicious and anything that I’m not sure about goes directly to ‘trash’ folder.

social media christmas cards

So, here is my suggestion. Let’s use social media for good seasonal wishes.

  1. Paperless – saving the forests
  2. No attachments to be opened
  3. The message gets in front of the recipients and they can’t help but look at our card and be warmly greeted
  4. The number of irrelevant emails popping into our Inboxes is reduced
  5. We are getting less stressed about the danger of losing all our data or/and all our money
  6. Our efforts in creating and posing seasonal greeting are rewarded with a ‘like’ or a ‘re-tweet’ or a ‘thank you’ returned post.

Sheer bliss and tranquillity, wouldn’t you say?

Personally I would happily welcome all Christmas greetings through social media. I really think this is the best place for it especially for Christmas which is by far the most celebrated occasion around the world.

Christmas cards