I am often asked from which industries my ideal customers come? In Commercial Illustrating this is a really tricky question. The next customer can come from anywhere: marketing, printing, supply chain or ….. even construction / building industry.


In February this year I was contacted by Simon Corlett at Dreieck UK (simon@dreieck.co.uk.). Simon was in the process of putting together a website for this young company which imports construction material from Germany and supplies it in the UK and Ireland.

The material – TECHNOpor® – is a low-carbon construction material made from waste glass; and is used in the floorslabs and foundations of domestic and commercial buildings. It is lightweight, yet extremely strong and an excellent insulator.

As TECHNOpor® is new to the UK and, therefore, its use not well known here, Simon thought of using illustrations or infographics on the company website to make it easy for his customers to understand the processes and benefits of using TECHNOpor.

Gathering Information

A few days later Simon and I met in Deieck’s Cheltenham office where I was introduced to this fascinating new glass based product. Holding a piece of it reminded me of pumice. I couldn’t believe how light it was.
I gathered a few leaflets, viewed drawings, talked with Simon who explained the construction process and began to visualise the images he needed.
Time was important. Simon needed the images to be ready without unnecessary delay due to the imminent website launch.


It took about 2 weeks to complete the 12 images for Dreick’s Technopor solution. This consisted of 6 to explain how the process works on the Continent and 6 to explain the differences for the UK.
The results of the cooperation between Visually Explained and Dreieck are below.


The project as a whole was a great adventure and pleasure to be involved in. It introduced me to a new industry whose graphics requirements are like no other. Words are good, but as they say, each image is worth a thousand 😉

For more information on TECHNOpor solution go on http://dreieck.co.uk/installation/ or click here.