linkedin LinkedIn is, as we know, a social media networking platform with both a business and employment orientation. So, if you’re a business owner working in the business-to-business arena you should have a profile on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Company pages

Aside from having your personal profile on the platform you have the option to create a LinkedIn Company page.  But do you need one? And what’s their purpose? It’s certain that there are a lot of them – four million according to Expanded Ramblings. Assuming that volume is an indicator of need let’s take a look at the why.

The purpose of a LinkedIn company page

In simple terms then, a company page helps LinkedIn users to:

  1. Learn about your business or company
  2. Find your job openings

And for you, a LinkedIn company page is vital if you want to use LinkedIn ads. You won’t be able to carry out any kind of LinkedIn ad campaign without a company page.

 Forbes.Com has an extensive article detailing how to create a compelling company page.

Follow me

Having published your company page, you’re ready to start sharing content in the hope of getting followers and building a community or fan base – and then interacting with them.

If you’ve got company updates be sure to post them. Aim to be regular in this but not more than daily. Before you start tearing out what small amount of hair you might have left at the prospect, remember that scheduling is your friend here. Use tools such as Buffer or Hootsuite to advance schedule your posts.

Ideas for crafting content of value to your followers: 

  • Share valuable industry related statistics
  • Share relevant quotes: these can be a useful way to kick start conversation or express a mood.
  • Ask your followers thought provoking questions: Open-ended questions have more chance of soliciting responses and driving engagement with your audience. Harvest the responses for material for future updates.
  • If you have staff – involve them: Tell them you have a company page and encourage them to follow it. Make sure your welcome pack for new staff mentions the company page.
  • Try promoting the page: Place a link in your marketing materials, email signature, e-newsletters and so on to encourage people to visit your page.
  • Sponsored updates: to give your content the best chance of finding your target audience, sponsored updates can be useful.
  • Targeted content: With LinkedIn’s targeted updates you can tailor your messages to particular groups of people.

At this point I should point out that Visually Explained is here to help you, should you need it, with scheduling and creating content for LinkedIn. Or any other social media platform for that matter. Simply contact us for a no-obligation conversation.

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