As our digital dependence increases, so too does our risk of falling victim to some sort of cyber-crime. The big question is then: how cyber safe is your business?

Cyber security for businesses

Whether you’re a small business or a global giant – cyber-crime leaves equal levels of devastation in its wake. Along with many others I know, I recently received a wide-spread scam email. The scammer told me they knew all about what I’d been up to online. And, what’s more, that they’d
encrypt my files if I didn’t meet their demands. Losing business documentation is the worst nightmare of any business – hardware is easy to replace in comparison! Thus, it’s likely that some
businesses or individuals will pay up to avoid any possible problems.

Why is there so much of it about? Well – for the miscreants involved, it’s a no-brainer. And that’s because, as this blog about protecting your business from cyber attacks, from IFSECGlobal points out, cyber-crime is ever-more lucrative. There’s an old aphorism that crime doesn’t pay. Yet, that doesn’t appear to be the case here. Indeed, the aforementioned blog argues that cyber-crime is surpassing other forms of crime.

What’s worse, is that it’s an area of crime that’s easier to access than a wet paper bag – with ransomware even available on a subscription service. Add to that the low odds on getting caught and you’ve got a situation where the risk of serious consequences are an ineffectual deterrent.

For every attack that comes from skilled attackers and hackers, there are dozens more commonplace threats. They range from malware infecting your hardware with viruses, ransomware threats such as we’ve described above and opportunistic hacking. Indeed, attacks are coming from every direction. That’s why it’s important you:

A: Examine your business’ cyber security and

B: See what else you might do thwart attacks happening or moderate the potential damage if
one does?


If you want a fuller picture of current vulnerability and threat trends there’s a downloadable
report here from Skybox Security

Doing what we do at Visually Explained, cyber security is a subject close to our hearts.
In particular because our MD, Yola O’Hara is now head of marketing at Foresight Cyber.

Among the services they offer is a three-step cyber security assessment. It’s worth investigating if you’re at all concerned about how resilient your business might be in the event of a cyber-attack.

The length of time such an assessment takes is dependent on two things:

  1. How large, or otherwise your business is
  2. And how simple or complex your business is.

In either event, their three-step method searches for any causes for concern apropos a cyber security breach.

Then, in a similar fashion to the VE social media audit, Foresight give you a comprehensive report on what you need to do to fortify your business’ cyber security.

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