If until now you’ve restricted your Instagram usage, if indeed you use the platform at all, to fun stuff, you could be missing something. How? Well, because Instagram has the power to be good for your business.

There’s no denying that Instagram is one of the most important social platforms at the moment. And anyone, from the social media manager of a big corporation down to a small business that needs to promote its brand, can reap rewards from integrating Instagram into their marketing

Indeed, a blog from Iconosquare.Com cites six reasons why Instagram is good for business:

1. Instagram revolves around telling stories

Storytelling is part of human nature. We’ve been doing it since time immemorial. What does that mean to business? Well, if you can tell an interesting story you’re well on the way to making an emotional connection with your audience.

2. Visual content is vital for your marketing strategy

We’ve said ourselves, more than once, that visual content of any kind gets more engagement than text alone. And this blog corroborates our own assertions, stating that photos make THE most engaging content on the WWW. It quotes a statistic that visual posts have a 650% higher engagement rate than text only posts. The value of Instagram to you should then be obvious enough.

3. Instagram marketing can reach a lot of people

There are over 700 million monthly users on the platform. A biiiiiig potential audience. And what’s more, 90% of them are below 35 years old. Can your business afford to miss out on that volume of audience?

4. How better to engage with your audience?

Instagram licks Facebook and Twitter hands down for average engagement rates. Even branded content has a higher engagement rate on Instagram than on other platforms.

5. Mine it for useful feedback and Insights

Do you have a picture of what people are posting about your brand on Instagram? Because you can be sure they will be – even if your brand has no presence on the platform. It makes sense then to take advantage of it.

6. Use it to keep an eye on your competitors

Even if you’re not using Instagram as a marketing channel your competitors may well be. So use it to follow what they’re up to. Watch and learn.

Is your interest now aroused? Though mixed with uncertainty? That’s understandable enough.

Indeed, the aforementioned blog from Iconosquare.com itself poses a question. How can you be certain that Instagram can help your business unless you try it? It’s a fair question. What’s more it’s one that we have a low-cost answer to in the form of our Instagram for Business workshops.

In conjunction with Total Guide To we’re offering this workshop on two different dates in Swindon and in Bath. Each one comprises a 2-hour session in which we’ll show you how Instagram can work for your business and your brand. We’ll go from setting up your own account, to creating content. We’ll then learn how to interact with your audience and where to find analytics.

Of the two hours, we’ll spend one going through the platform itself. Then in the other we’ll look at Q&As and look at specific profiles to make it more interactive.