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I’ve recently taken up running. I never thought I would – yet I can now run 5 km and even enjoy it.

Like so many people that engage in physical exercise, I have all manner of devices measuring all aspects of my performance. And if any of them fail to record something I get so cross. I mean – I want to know everything! The time the run took me to complete, the calories I burned, the speed and pace of my run – everything. Why? Well so I can bask in the glow of improving my PB or, at the very least, maintaining my previous standard.

Given that I’m a small business owner, I got to wondering if runners – or athletes in general – make better business people? Or at any rate, good business people?

After all, measuring all aspects of performance is as natural to the athlete as breathing is to the rest of us. As it happens there’s evidence to support this thought.

From a World of Sport to the Business World

As this 2015 Business Insider UK article about professional athletes turned entrepreneur explains: Venus Williams is the founder and CEO of not one but two businesses: one of them being the clothing line, EleVen.

Speaking to Forbes magazine, Williams said: ‘I think as an athlete you’re always overcoming all kinds of challenges. That’s the name of sport — it’s a challenge. So, applying those lessons of perseverance and learning from mistakes and setting goals has definitely helped me in business.’

I rest my case.

KPIs in Business

Almost concurrently with introducing my body to running I introduced my business to KPIs and dashboards.

As you’re no doubt aware, KPIs are driven by specific data that allows them to give a clear measure of performance and progress. So instead of saying something vague, like ‘Our customers love us’, your KPIs give you the means to say something meaningful like ’88 percent of customers say they’d buy from us again. This is up 85 percent from last year.’

Pulling your data together simplifies measuring it

Before I started running and using dashboards, I’d struggled with having to look for, and pull together, data from different sources. I looked for a decent dashboard to bring it all together but they tended to be too expensive or too complicated. These things are meant to make life easier not harder.

But then CYFE came my way and it was love at first sight.

I began using it first for myself and then for my clients. Now I need go to only one place for a streamlined, one-stop, at-a-glance window into the performance of Twitter, Facebook, Facebook advertising campaigns (including money spent up to date), LinkedIn, Instagram and Google analytics. The whole kit and caboodle in other words. And there’s more if you want it.

The data CYFE provides is available to all, for free, on every platform. This includes website analytics. You can choose your own analytics, widgets and so forth.

KPIs value added services

So why would you outsource your KPIs? For exactly the same reason that you already outsource other business activities: lack of time.

If you can feel yourself getting frustrated at the thought of choosing the layout and widgets for your KPIs dashboard ask us for help. We’ll set it all up for you.

In addition, because it’s all too easy to forget you’ve subscribed to a dashboard, we will send you quarterly email reminders and draw your attention to major trends so you can take appropriate action. What you have to remember though is this: the dashboard is there for you to access, make use of and draw conclusions from as often as you see fit.  Our role is one of support and added value to help you make the best of the tool.

Call us on  07881628807 for a FREE consultation and let’s get you started.