Lunch and Learn

Social media experts at Visually Explained are launching free ‘Lunch & Learn’ sessions for businesses, to help them get more savvy with social media.

Yola O’Hara, Managing Director of Royal Wootton Bassett-based Visually Explained, said the fun and informative half-hour sessions would help businesses and their employees become more confident with using social media and perhaps overcome any reluctance they may have.

To take part, businesses are required to book a private slot with Yola, as they are not drop-in sessions. As the sessions are online, employees can join in whether they are in the office, working from home or another location.

Yola said: “There’s no set structure. We can chat about any social media topic that is relevant. Perhaps people want to talk about how to use LinkedIn or have questions about Twitter, or reels on Instagram – whatever the topic, we can offer some bitesize information for a business and the team to take away.

“It’s not formal training. The team bring along their lunch, we have some fun, and they get to learn about social media.”

Yola says the sessions will particularly benefit sectors less familiar with using social media as a marketing tool, like manufacturing, engineering, and construction.

“Social media is so important in raising the profile of a business, but many are still reluctant to utilise these platforms, and a lot of that is down to lack of knowledge and understanding. I want to turn this around by giving them the confidence they need to get posting. I believe the Lunch and Learn sessions will help businesses, by giving them and their teams an insight into the value of social media and how essential it is for brand visibility.

“Bookings are already coming in and we are excited for our first lunch session with civil engineering firm Abley Letchford Partnership, who are keen for their team to find out more about LinkedIn.”

To book a ‘Lunch and Learn’ session, visit or connect with Yola on LinkedIn at