The purpose of the audit is to examine your existing social media and use what we find to form a social media guide. This guide is designed to meet your needs and answer your concerns. Armed with this, you’ll neither continue to waste time and resources trying to improve things that don’t need it, nor neglect the things that do.

What to expect…

We will shine our torch into every crevasse of your social media set-up. From this examination, we will show you what needs improving and what doesn’t. Taking our findings, we will put together our recommendations which are:

Based on our findings, and your individual circumstances, you can go on to make clear decisions:

  • Whether to carry out the actions yourself, keeping the tasks and time as close to the
    recommendations as possible
  • Plan your future marketing budget
  • Decide on whether to bring in an in-house dedicated social media person
  • Decide on whether to outsource to an external partner

So if you’re in the dark about any aspect of your social media activity get in touch now and let us illuminate you.