If you are looking at this service, you already understand the importance of social media in business. The use of Social Media is widespread and not only for communication. If you ever wanted a reason to track and measure your social media activity then use this one powerful example. Social media usage is changing, younger generations in particular use it more and more as a new search engine to find a service, product or a local business.

Further benefits of a strong social media strategy are visibility and brand awareness. Knowing what to post is tricky and maintaining a consistent presence is time-consuming. That’s where our social media outsource service steps in.

What you can expect…

Starting with a spring-clean of your existing social media, to make sure your presence is relevant and consistent, we will make sure that all profiles are setup correctly across all social media platforms. Your business will have its own post library which you have full access to and you can be as involved, or not, in the process as you wish – it’s your choice.

Posting and growing connections is very important as is interacting with your audience, which is the key to keep them coming back to your platform – this is what we will do for you!

Keeping an eye on analytics – this is so we know what’s working and what’s not. We are transparent and all of this information is accessible to you at all times.

We use live systems & project boards so you don’t have to rely on us to send you information, just log in and check for yourself.


Outsource to us and we will deliver a social media campaign tailored to your business audience. We will create and maintain a campaign that will keep you visible. That way, when your target audience is looking to buy the product or service your business offers, you’re the one on their horizon.

We have been using Yola O’Hara’s services since August this year to help lift our social media profile in this modern technical world and we are very happy that we did. 
Yola has helped us widen our scope of customers and taught us how to communicate on several social media platforms, she has shown us how best show off what we do so potential customers can be found. 
Yola helps with keeping these platforms fresh with new interesting posts so we can get on with running the business. 
Yola keeps in contact with us all the way so we can let her know what works and what does not. 

Julie Corneloues

Director, Russells Refinishing