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Social Media Expert Social Media Practitioner

Things people say to me. A lot:

‘If I hear about another social media expert I swear I’ll scream!’ And other words to that effect.

Hmmm … I run a social media outsourcing business. But, am I an expert? And if I’m not – what am I? What qualifies me to offer people my services?

The conclusion I drew from all this contemplation is this: I’m not an expert but I am an expert practitioner.

Why not an expert?

The bottom line is this: despite what people may tell you, there’s no such thing as a social media expert. Don’t let them fool you. There’s no such thing as an expert for one simple reason: social media is changing too fast.

With social media, it’s no good hanging on to what was a rule even yesterday.  Take for example, the case of Facebook and the hashtag. When the hashtag first came into being as a means to search for stories and items on social media it had no function on Facebook. Twitter and Instagram yes. But not Facebook. Quick to notice the power of the # Facebook were swift in making it active on their platform.

Working with social media requires constant research and a keen interest. We’ve got the latter in buckets and willingness to do the former. So you don’t have to have either. 

The name of the game

Patience is the name of the social media game and a willingness to experiment.

Outsource your social media to Visually Explained and you reap the benefit of our enthusiasm for the subject. You also save yourself the headache of worrying about what and when to post. 

I’ve heard many business owners bemoaning ‘We’re busy enough with the day-to-day running of our businesses to be updating social media on a daily basis and on more than one platform.’

An understandable response when you’ve got a million and one other things to think about. Automation is here to make life easier – as are we.

Knowing the right time, as well as what, to post Or Knowing when and what to post

Know your audience is the mantra here. But this is only possible some of the time.

Let’s suppose your target audience is mothers with small children. You can be sure they’ll be active on social media during morning nap time: 10-11am and again during afternoon nap time: 2-4pm. And again in the evening when they get to sit on the sofa from 6-8pm before they fall asleep themselves.

But not every audience is as predictable as that.

There are many infographics and studies on the Internet giving the ‘best’ posting times. Use them as guidance but not as a bible.

We base our postings on this recommendation from Social Media Week.Org

So no. I don’t think there is, nor ever will be, such an animal as a social media expert. To prove that point: In July of this year, Hootsuite began talking about social media trends for 2018.

Hence an expert I may not be. But interested and hungry for news on what’s out there and what the latest trends are I am without a doubt.

If you’d like to know more about how Visually Explained can support you with your social media strategy drop us a line on Or pick up the phone and call us on 0 7881 62 88 07.