Organic social media seems to be getting the cold shoulder from nearly every industry sector. We want fast results, so paid advertising seems so much more attractive to business owners. We want quick sales; we WANT fast results; we do not want to waste money… But isn’t this mindset a bit short-sighted?

When we set up our businesses we embark on a journey. Even the best business plan in the world is not going to go 100% as planned. To achieve our business goals takes time and we seem to accept and fully embrace this. We invest in all sorts of traditional and digital marketing tools. An organic social media approach must be included in that tool mix because existing and potential clients/customers are always watching…

I’ve been working in the social media for business environment for nearly 10 years. I listen to my clients: those that stay with my agency for a very long time and those who come and go and sometimes return. Those who stay understand an organic social media approach is not about a fast return. They understand that the data we capture is not 100% accurate. Why? In this digital age we are living in, all data can be captured, right? No, not if someone is ‘just looking’ not pressing any buttons on the keyboard or clicking any with the mouse – I hold my hands up to this type of online browsing…

When I scroll through Tik Tok (yes, I do); when I read posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn and absorb the content; when I do all of that as ‘me’ not as Visually Explained Ltd – I don’t tend to interact in the digital sense, so the authors have no idea that they have a keen follower. This data can’t be captured because all I do is ‘look’ and thus far there is no way this can be registered other than the numbers recorded as ‘impressions’ where the algorithms registers it delivered to my timeline. I and many others are silent witnesses.

The content that we absorb works on our subconscious. It gets stored in some ‘archive’ part of our brain and it emerges when we need it. Say six months ago you saw that one of your friends on Facebook was talking about an electrician who was amazing and helped them so much. You didn’t have a problem with electrics at that time, but now you do. Your mind launches that logo or that image you saw – you don’t even remember where you first saw it, but you remember the name, so you Google the number, make that call and get your electrics fixed. When asked how you knew about them – you can’t remember. You say – I just Googled it – but in truth, you saw it first on social media, because that electrician opted to invest in a regular organic presence strategy for their business on social media.

So now you have a better insight, has this changed your view? Let’s take a moment and reflect on some key points…

REMEMBER that Organic Social Media for Business:

  • affects your customer on a subconscious level
  • should be the long-standing companion for your business
  • is the beginning of the customer journey for many of your clients

If my insight has changed your perception of social media for business, know that Visually Explained Ltd is based in Royal Wootton Bassett, near Swindon, and we specialise in organic social media for business. We know how to run it and manage it all for you. If you want to know the very fine details, simply let us know by clicking here.