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When manufacturers and engineers, who are also business owners, outsource their social media activities, their perspective changes.

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In the 21st Century, in the full swing of the digital age, no manufacturing or engineering business can exist without some sort of digital presence, be that a website with SEO, social media, or email marketing, to mention just a few.

Brand visibility and brand awareness offer the highest return on investment (ROI), but achieving that brand awareness and maintaining visibility takes time, patience, commitment and consistency.

Creating brand awareness is vital because it is the very first step in the marketing funnel. It builds a base to eventually acquire customers. Brand awareness helps keep your brand front-of-mind with your audience.

Your business may have been around for many years, if not decades, starting way before the advent of social media. Therefore, you’re faced with the challenges of reverse engineering a social media strategy and this takes time, expertise and commitment.

Maybe you feel you are doing well enough without social media and don’t need it? This may be true today but the business must adapt to prepare for the future. To meet future customers’ needs, engineering and technical industries will have to adapt their approach to match modern consumer behaviour. And that means coming out and meeting them on social media.

You can of course choose to stay where you are: at PS (Present State) point and carry on as you were before but if you’re thinking about your future and moving your business forward into a DS (Desired State) point, you may wish to contact us.

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Imagine how you would feel if the pain and guilt of procrastination could be replaced with certainty that your brand visibility is being maintained, while you can concentrate solely on your current project?

We’re engineers too, but, unlike you, our interest is sparked by social media and the huge benefits a strategic approach to nurturing & growing an organic social media can bring to a business.

Because we already work with engineers we understand their world and can feel their pain. We use methodology and streamlined processes, that gradually build brand visibility. In other words, we use technology too, to inspire customer loyalty. [Read more here]

So, if you are an engineer seeking to secure increased online visibility for your brand, Visually Explained can help. Please get in touch with us today.

Here’s how it works

There’s nothing better than a spring clean, which is exactly what we’ll do to your existing social media and if they don’t exist at all, we’ll create them.

Visually Explained will create a post library for you which you will have full access to. You can be as involved in this process as much as you wish!

Managing the social media accounts you need, we’ll post for you and engage to gain followers and boost the visibility of your business.

The social content created by us will be built into a schedule to be posted out to your channels. This is vital as it ensures regular posting of content.

Growing connections is key to interacting with your audience and is crucial to keep them coming back to your platform. We’ll monitor analytics closely so we can evaluate what’s working and what isn’t.

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At Visually Explained we offer two levels of outsourcing packages; Premium and PremiumPlus.

These packages include a full comprehensive service and activities such as post creation, social media platform set up, support, advice, monthly KPIs and more. For a complete service breakdown and to enquire about our outsourcing packages, please contact us today.

Ready to take your social media marketing to the next level? Contact us on 01793 967317 or email