Are you feeling lost in the social media maze? If you’re feeling frustrated that every corner you turn, turns out to be a blind alley then our social media workshops are for you.

In partnership with the Total Guide To team we are offering a series of social media training workshops in Swindon and Bath, beginning in February 2019.

Two key features of them are:

  • Running from 10am -2.30 pm – all within school hours.

  • The workshops are hands on. It’s not four hours of someone talking at you. It’s not death by PowerPoint. It’s not you taking endless notes and then trying to make sense of them and replicate the learning later. Instead, you bring along your laptop (mandatory) and mobile phone or tablet (optional) and we work together. We will be able to set up new or edit existing profiles in the real time.

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop will benefit all businesses, from start-ups wanting to do it right, right from the start, or established businesses wanting to streamline their social media processes.

What the workshop covers

Part One:

The first part of the workshop will be a general overview of the popular social media platforms – LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. But from a business perspective. There’s a world of difference between how you should approach these platforms for personal and business use. It will surprise you to know how many people get it wrong.

In this section, among other things, we will create profiles and look at features such as Twitter lists – what they are and how you can use them.

Part Two:

The second section of the workshop will show you:

  • Where to find content for your social media
  • What processes to follow so you do enough social media without it ruling your life!
  • We’ll also talk about automation and analytics

Book via Eventbrite here.

NB: Should you really not have the time for the full four-hour workshop, there will be one shorter non-hands on session in Bath.

Book via Eventbrite here.

There’s a further opportunity for you to have some Visually Explained social media training in Bowman House Business Centre, in Royal Wootton Basset.

The content is as described above. The practicalities and the booking link are all below.

Bowman House Workshop – The Details

When and where:

Thursday, 28th February 2019

10:00 – 14:30

Bowman House Business Centre

Royal Wootton Bassett
Book via Eventbrite here.