How to carry out a social media audit… the Visually Explained way

Struggling to gain visibility and engagement on social media for your business? Wondering what you can do to improve your current social business status?

Laptop screen with magnifying glass in the foreground, a representation of a Social Media Audit

Don’t worry, Visually Explained is on hand to not only help you evaluate the state of your current social presence but elevate it to new heights of success.

The purpose of a social media business audit is to examine your existing social media and use what we find to form a social media guide. This guide will be designed to meet your needs and answer any concerns you may have. Armed with this, you’ll neither continue to waste time and resources trying to improve things that don’t need it, nor neglect the things that do.

Analysing every aspect of your social media set up (we won’t hold back), we’ll be able to guide you towards what needs improving, and in turn you can guide your own team or make the decision to outsource or bring in an in-house social media employee.

Our findings and recommendations will be realistic, transparent and objective based on what we observe. After receiving the social business audit from Visually Explained, you’ll be able to plan your future marketing budget and make informed business decisions regarding your social media marketing.

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