Seek expert B2B social media support with Visually Explained’s consultancy services

Our consultancy packages are usually favoured by larger corporate organisations and are carried out by MD, Yola O’Hara.

We hit the ground running by analysing every last detail of your brand to gain a clear understanding of your business’ target audience and company culture. This process will entail a series of interviews in which we will observe your situation as it stands, current pain points and outline the your vision, goals and objectives to provide the best B2B social media support possible.

A comprehensive audit will be taken of your brand’s existing social media presence where findings will be documented and discussed with you. With this knowledge, we will design a new process flow to suit your organisation and its culture. Visually Explained works closely with your team to ensure they understand the process laid out and are eager to implement it.

One of the most important aspects of consultancy that Visually Explained provides is the social media policy. Working alongside your organisation’s HR department, we’ll help you draft social media guidelines – essential information to be handed to all team members to ensure company protocols are adhered to and your brand’s reputation is not undermined and put at risk.

Terms and requirements of consultancy projects will vary per individual case and should be discussed directly with MD, Yola O’Hara.

Staying current and professional using employee advocacy

New members joining your team have most likely established their own personal social media presence… after all, it’s the 21st century! That’s why Visually Explained can also work with your team and staff to help them better understand and utilise the power of employee advocacy. 

Employee advocacy is the promotion of your organisation by your staff members and is an incredibly a powerful technique, that if used correctly, can help your business gain additional free reach on social media. 

You’d think that one of your own generating positive exposure, championing your brand and raising awareness through digital media or offline channels would always be a good thing right? Well, yes, mainly it is. But, it’s something that needs to be managed correctly as employees not adhering to brand protocols or, posting inappropriate content can negatively impact your business. 

Are your employees in need of professional B2B social media support? We can help fine tune your team with the most recent social business knowledge.