Want to keep up with the latest LinkedIn and Instagram trends and tools?

If you’re looking to train up your own employees, we can provide dedicated corporate social media training for LinkedIn and Instagram.

These training sessions can either be on a 1-2-1 basis, or to a wider team in which Visually Explained will come to your business premises for half a day and train you.

The social media training programmes we provide will increase your teams’ understanding of effective social media management and the benefit it brings to your brand and your business.

Giving back to the community, we also offer online social media clinics that anyone can get involved in!

Here’s what previous attendees have said:

No matter how much, or how little you already know about social media, Yola’s corporate social media training sessions always bring up more tips and advice. So, if you get a chance to see Yola present a social media topic (mine was LinkedIn), I would recommend you go.

Martin Jarvis Testimonial icon
Martin Jarvis
DMJ Computer Services Ltd

Yola’s 1 hour custom-tailored social media webinar was an eye opener for me, it turned out I wasn’t using the potential that LinkedIn had to offer! In just 60 minutes I learned how I could showcase myself on that platform and was shown few tricks to quickly ramp up my audience. In just 3 weeks I went from 73 connections to over 500, was contacted by 3 potential clients and received a collaboration offer from one business. I’d recommend Yola to any growth-oriented entrepreneur who doesn’t have an established social media presence.

Margaret Keays icon
Margaret Keays
Founder, President at Refinery Inc

Yola kindly delivered a mini-workshop at Fig Offices, Swindon. We had a fabulous turnout with excellent delivery and a friendly atmosphere. Everyone went away knowing at least thing they didn’t before. Yola is great at engaging and capturing her audience but importantly making it personable and relevant. It was a pleasure to work with you Yola and thank you for spending time at Fig Offices. We hope to see you again soon.



Gemma George and 4 male staff photo photo
Gemma George
(Lion) Centre Manager, Fig Offices Network Ltd

I have always struggled with posting content on Social Media, this became more apparent when I started my own business. Although I did post from time to time, I never felt comfortable about it and spent more time procrastinating about what to write rather than writing the content. When I heard about the service offered by Yola O’Hara from Visually Explained Ltd, I was intrigued as I knew I needed support in this area. Yola set me up with a bank of social media posts taken from my website, she gave me a three-month rolling schedule to post the material, plenty of friendly advice and support about the social media platforms and lots of hashtag strategies. With the material I received, I no longer procrastinate or feel anxious about posting social media content and can get on with the daily job of running my business. The amount of engagement in my social has risen by over 100% in the short time I have been following Yola’s schedule and has driven a considerable amount of traffic to my website. I would recommend Yola and her services to any business owner or company who is struggling to remain visible on social media platforms. In conclusion, the experience has left me feeling supported in my social media efforts and I am a lot happier. Thank you Yola.


Andrew Hatcher testimonial icon
Andrew Hatcher
Owner - Business Advisor - Exec Coach, Swindon Consultants

Taking pride in the realm of social business and keen to spread awareness about its importance and boundless capabilities in the corporate world, Visually Explained is a member of three professional bodies; Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce, Sterling Networking Groups and The Cobra Club. 

By participating with the local business communities, the Visually Explained team are able to keep on top of the ever-changing corporate landscape and tune into the latest social media advancements and updates. Constantly learning, our team are able to stay abreast of business trends and ensure they’re able to continuously meet client needs and expectations. 

Discover the true power of social business and utilise the ‘Holy Trinity (plus one’) of social platforms for your business by contacting us on 01793 967317 or email yoh@visuallyexplained.co.uk