Back in 2018, I met Cilla Hubbard, director of Corsham Opticians, a family-run firm. We chatted, became friends and I’ve never again looked at other high street brands.

During the course of our conversation I was able to ask all those questions about what glasses I need for work and about the potential for laser surgery in respect of my eyes. Soon after that I made an appointment and visited their well-located shop on Corsham High Street.

I ordered a pair of middle-range, varifocal progressive glasses, ideal for spending long hours in front of the computer. Besides that practical purchase, I fell in love with, and simply had to buy, a pair of gorgeous Guess sunglasses. I also managed to suggest social media training for the business so that more people would get to know about Cilla, Corsham Opticians and the wonderful service they offer there.

We did the social media training in 2018 and the staff began using social media more. They had limited time to give to it but they managed to get intermittent posts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to promote new trends in frames and to show off their new stock.

Now to 2019, and once more I’m on the hunt for new glasses. I had an idea in my head of what I wanted. I wanted something unusual and fun. I planned to use them more often for both distance and reading – so, I reasoned, if I was going to pay out I wanted something special. The next logical step was to check out the social media of my favourite opticians in Corsham. And there they were! iGreen glasses. Love at first sight. iGreen spectacles, for the uninitiated, are Italian-made eyewear that lets you give free rein to your imagination with interchangeable arms, clip on sunglasses and more.

Corsham opticians had posted about their iGreen stock in February – I saw it in May. And that shows two things:

  1. Posts don’t get lost on social.
  2. More of us are looking for what we’re interested in rather than letting what our timeline delivers, dictate to us.

iGreen distributors are few and far between in the UK. In our region there’s only London, Bristol and Corsham. So, I called Cilla up to book an appointment and ordered my stripy green frames with interchangeable arms. With a range of different colours, I can make a spectacle of myself in a new way every day.

The moral of this story is this:

First by networking, then taking up social media training and applying it, Cilla and Corsham Opticians got from me:

  • Business
  • This blog post
  • One very happy customer who is going to shout long and loud about them

If you need social media training book your 1-2-1 session today or let us have your details and we’ll you know when the next one is available.