I have always struggled with posting content on Social Media, this became more apparent when I started my own business. Although I did post from time to time, I never felt comfortable about it and spent more time procrastinating about what to write rather than writing the content. When I heard about the service offered by Yola O’Hara from Visually Explained Ltd, I was intrigued as I knew I needed support in this area. Yola set me up with a bank of social media posts taken from my website, she gave me a three-month rolling schedule to post the material, plenty of friendly advice and support about the social media platforms and lots of hashtag strategies. With the material I received, I no longer procrastinate or feel anxious about posting social media content and can get on with the daily job of running my business. The amount of engagement in my social has risen by over 100% in the short time I have been following Yola’s schedule and has driven a considerable amount of traffic to my website. I would recommend Yola and her services to any business owner or company who is struggling to remain visible on social media platforms. In conclusion, the experience has left me feeling supported in my social media efforts and I am a lot happier. Thank you Yola.