eports of the death of the UK high street are greatly exaggerated – to paraphrase Mark Twain on hearing rumours of his demise. No-one is denying that the high street faces huge challenges. Yet, as the Timpson Report argues, there are successes too. As he observes, ‘no-one has been noticing where things have been going well.’ Timpson believes that changing town centres isn’t going to be retail-led. Rather, it will be a community thing. Create the right spaces and the right atmosphere and the retailers will want to be there, he argues.

From Retail Hub to Social Hub

Retail may be leaving, but in its wake it leaves space for food, entertainment and services. As this blog from Tower Gate Insurance on the changing face of the British High Street argues, that though technology keeps people in touch, we still love to meet up for a chat over a hot drink. The vast number of cafes, tea rooms and coffee shops opening up is evidence enough that our retail hubs are being replaced by social hubs.

It’s not only cafes and coffee shops that are changing the shape of the high street. Something else that has seen a seismic shift in recent years is employment – or self-employment to be precise. And, more to the point, where this self-employment goes on. As this blog from AA Editorial Services about self-employment and co-working points out, coworking is reshaping where and how many of us work. We can define coworking as a style of working that involves independent activity within a shared working space.

Coworking spaces are springing up in towns and cities up and down the country and playing an important role in remoulding our high streets. One such coworking hub doing its thing in Bristol is the recently-launched, Visually Explained client, The Orange Tree Hub. Do check out their Instagram account to see what they’re up to.

The Loneliness of the Small Business Owner

Being self-employed offers many advantages over the 9-5 routine. Yet it can be a lonely place. Coworking spaces such as The Orange Tree Hub offer a place for small business owners of every hue to network, while working independently, and to gain support each from the other. Orange Tree describes themselves as providing an ‘independent workspace within a collaborative network of freelancers and small businesses. We specialise in supporting entrepreneurs “beyond the incubator”.’

Encourage, lift and strengthen one another.

For the positive energy spread to one will be felt by us all. For we are connected, one and all.      

Deborah Day

The Future’s Bright: The Future is Orange

As a means of making my contribution to the supportive environment at Orange Tree, it’s my intention to be there once a month at least. It’s such an amazing place, with such a fabulous atmosphere that I want to drink it in for myself.

So, on the last Tuesday of the month you’ll find me there. I’m going to offer FREE social media clinics on a regular basis. I’ll give a free thirty-minute slot to anyone needing their social media confidence boosting.

So, if you need help with finding content, or want analytics made easy, or need a quick overview of your most used platforms you can find me there.

Get in touch with me here if you have any questions and find out more about the Visually Explained social media consultancy service here. Otherwise, I’ll see you at Orange Tree on the last Tuesday of the month.