Photo of Yola O'Hara, Head of Visually Explained

The company is running a free social media clinic at its Royal Wootton Bassett headquarters, in Bowman House, on the first Tuesday of every month. Businesses can book a half-hour slot, where they can access expert help with social media – everything from how to create a platform and when to post, to advice on content and frequency.

Visually Explained was founded five years ago by Yola O’Hara and now works with clients across Swindon, Wiltshire, and along the M4 corridor. Initially set up to offer data visualisation through infographics, Visually Explained soon diversified into social media in response to demand. Now Yola and her team specialise in outsourced social media, creating social media libraries for clients, auditing social media platforms and running social media training programmes and workshops.

During its five years, Visually Explained and Yola have been finalists in two sets of awards: Wiltshire Business Awards and, more recently, South West Business and Community Awards. “I am passionate about social media and how effective it can be for businesses. However, social media has to be done well and consistently to bring results. I really want businesses to appreciate its importance and to understand what it can do for their organisations,” said Yola. “I am also very proud to have achieved my first five years in business. Five years, in the world of social media, is a long time. Social media is constantly changing and we pride ourselves on keeping bang up-to-date with what is happening in this really dynamic arena.”

Visually Explained also offers free clinics in Bristol, on the last Tuesday of the month at The Orange Tree Hub, and is launching a third series in Cheltenham, specifically aimed at cyber security businesses. For more information about the clinics run by Visually Explained, as well as its audit, outsourcing, training, and consultancy services, visit