I recently came across this picture showing people on a boat relaxing and looking at their mobile phones except the devices were removed. At the same time I remember another image showing another family sitting on a sofa with every one holding a phone.





In a good old Carry Bradshaw style ‘I couldn’t stop but wonder’ – how different is it us holding a mobile phone/tablet/gazing over a laptop from our parents and grandparents hidden behind a newspaper or buried in a book? Are we really obsessed with technology or are simply reading like the other generations before us? Is all that technology all that bad? Why do we criticise it so much if all we do is read, learn and research.
If we want to keep up with the incredibly fast changing world we need speedy access to information and those mobile devices we hold so close to us at all times provide just that.

The point I’m trying to make is this: you cannot interact with your loved ones and friends all the time. You do – but no one is taking a picture saying ‘look how great these people are together’! When you go on holiday and read a book sitting next to your fiends – it’s OK. So let’s stop ridiculing electronics. Take that boat picture and replace those phones with books and newspapers and you’ll see that it’s reminiscent of holiday shots from 100 or 50 years ago.

The conclusion is this: we didn’t go mad – we are exactly the same as our parents and grandparents. They read books only because they didn’t have a Kindle…





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