season for festive jollifications is almost upon us. If you’ve something to market, your social media platforms are the place to do it. With a festive twist of course! The world wide web is stuffed like a turkey with hints and tips on getting your social media campaign Christmas countdown ready. So you don’t have to, we’ve done some searching for you. We’ve plucked out a selection of said festive social media tips to help you make your social media jingle this Christmas.

1. Decorate your shop window

Bricks and mortar stores decorate their shop windows, right? To make them enticing and appealing. Well, as this article from Hallam Internet suggests, now is the time to deck your virtual halls. A quick win is a Santa hat such as this one from Pixabay on your profile picture. Or, as Hallam suggest, add snowflakes to welcome in the winter. Or incorporate your offer into your cover photos.

2. Make the most of festive events

Are you staging a Christmas event that’s open to either the public or your customers? Be sure you shout about it via your social media campaign.

You can set events up on several social media platforms to let your customers know:

  • What’s going on
  • When it’s going on
  • Where it’s going on

In the run-up to your event, create group posts. Engaging with your customers may mean the difference between them showing up or otherwise.

Don’t let the social stop once the event is live. Post while it’s happening to create a sense of ‘oh wow, why am I not there?’ If you created a unique hashtag for the event, get people tweeting about it when they’re there. And use it in all your social posts in the run-up to the event to get it embedded in your follower’s minds.

The Hallam Internet article has seven other pointers for you to consider:

  • User engagement
  • Being part of the Christmas conversation online
  • Christmas charity giving
  • Checking what your competitors are doing
  • Sharing Christmas posts and …
  • … creating a Christmas competition

So what else is there?

Well, Jeff Bullas has quite a lot to say on the matter. Being as how Forbes describe him as a top influencer of chief marketing officers, and the world’s top social marketing talent, his ‘8 creative ways to add Christmas spirit to your social media’ article are worth looking at.

Back in 2014, he wrote that holiday shopping is now something that happens in moments. He argued then that shoppers were no longer dragging around different shopping malls, hunting out the best deal. But instead were turning to their mobile devices in hundreds of micro-moments. If that was true back then – you can be sure it’s even truer now. So, what does he suggest you do to make your social media sparkle?

Well first up, and like the Hallam Internet blog, he too suggests decorating your cover and profile photo. The main purpose, says Bullas, of your cover photo is to represent your brand’s values and personality. But, as he goes on, to get your audience in the seasonal spirit then you’ll need to change it to reflect the holiday season.

Bullas suggests too that you shake up your profile image. Use it to put Christmas in the minds of your fans whenever they see your newsfeed updates. He suggests festive-related hashtags under your logo. Generic things such as #Christmas2019 or #Wishlist2019. Or invent your own.

Being social on social media

Bullas makes an excellent get-back-to-basics point about putting the social into your social. And use the Christmas season to get people excited about both the festive season and your brand. He suggests you:

  • Create posts that ask people about their favourite Christmas moment. Be it food, the best part of Christmas and so on.

  • Use the opportunity to talk about festive food. This is crucial if you’re in a business that benefits from recipe posts. Share recipes or cooking tips. Ask fans to share their own posts or to post a review if they’ve made your dish.

  • Use ‘This versus that’ questions to get engagement going. Beer or wine? Cider or eggnog? Turkey or Goose? Meat or fish? Meat or vegetarian?

Bullas even suggests suitable fonts for your posts that are festive and easy to read.

There’s too much content in his article to share it all with you here. All we’ve done is pick out some of our favourite bits. But follow the link above to read it in full.

Of course, Visually Explained is here to help you with your social media campaign should you need it. We can untangle that for you leaving you free to untangle the tinsel. Contact us here.